HOSPITAL staff were racially abused by a man after he downed prescription drugs with vodka.

Andrew Boulter admitted racially aggravated assault when he appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court.

In court, he apologised for repeatedly using a derogatory term towards an Asian security guard at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital on Wednesday, April 15.

Police were called to Boulter’s home in Tudor Way, Dines Green, Worcester, after a caller reported serious concerns for his safety.

“When they arrived the officers discovered Boulter had actually taken diazepam and alcohol,” said Marie Watton, prosecuting.

He was rushed to the hospital A&E department but while there he became aggressive while he was treated and had to be restrained by both medics and security staff, according to Miss Watton.

Boulter was then escorted out and sat at a bus shelter watched by two hospital security guards. When police arrived Boulter started swearing and was warned about his language.

It was then the security guard told them the 38-year-old had been racially abusing him.

“When officers went to speak to Mr Boulter about the allegations, he pointed at the security guard and again racially abused him,” said Miss Watton.

Boulter was arrested and under interview told officers he had taken “more than his usual dose of diazepam washed down with a couple of vodkas”, said Miss Watton.

Emma Smith, in mitigation said Boulter had objected to being pinned down, adding: “Medical staff were trying to treat him but he didn’t see it that way.

“He said the words were said in drink and accepts his remarks were hurtful.”

Boulter received an 18-month conditional discharge but was warned by chairman of the bench Paul Vaughan not to come before the court again.