WORCESTERSHIRE MP Peter Luff today lifts the lid on the expenses he claims for the cost of running his offices in London and Worcester.

A £1,300 rug and a £2,600 redecoration bill were among items funded by the taxpayer over the past four years for the Mid-Worcestershire Tory’s local office – which is located in a wing of his family home in Worcester.

The MP also spent more than £2,500 on three laptop computers and more than £3,000 on two “high-end” printers.

Mr Luff – who was criticised last week for his second home expenses – decided to publish a statement regarding his office expenses in order to “address any likely questions that may be asked in advance”.

The Daily Telegraph, which has been publishing details of MPs’ second home claims, has now turned its attention to the running costs of their offices.

Mr Luff said: “I had not anticipated the way in which the costs associated with maintaining my second home would be interpreted, as a result of which I was criticised.

“I have sought, therefore, to examine my two other main areas of expense claim – travel and office costs. Neither of these areas can reasonably be construed as conferring personal benefit on me and are incurred in pursuance of my duties.”

MPs need office staff to help deal with the huge amount of correspondence they receive each day from interest groups and constituents.

Mr Luff claimed £20,994 last year for the cost of running his two offices, placing him 176th out of the country’s 635 MPs.

He told your Worcester News his claims over the past four years have included £2,600 for redecorating the office in his Worcester home, £900 for replacing an exterior door, £428 for roof repairs and £243 spent on replacing a window.

He said: “It seems reasonable to me that a maintenance cost is something I would claim for – to claim for enhancements would be wrong.”

Mr Luff also claimed £1,300 for a new rug for his office in November 2007, which he said was “the only item I’m doubtful about”.

He said the rug replaced a carpet which had been damaged by a persistently leaky radiator.

He said: “Rather than put down another carpet, we opted for a rug that stops short of the skirting board and therefore the leak.

“This purchase should save the taxpayer money as it will not suffer water damage and should not need to be replaced for many years.

“Overall, the taxpayer has clearly benefited from these arrangements, as I have incurred no rental costs for office accommodation in over 17 years as an MP.”

He said the laptops – which cost £1,500, £659 and £600, and are in addition to the four PCs provided by Westminster – were needed for his office staff and for himself while on the move.

The printers – costing £1,595 each – were necessary due to the high volume of letters printed by his offices each day.

Mr Luff spends a further £83,194 on staff, employing two full-time workers – one being his wife, Julia – and one part-time.

This money also includes more than £5,000 a year he pays to the local Conser-vative Association for parliamentary work und-ertaken by their staff.

Mr Luff also spent about £5,000 on travel expenses.