A BY-ELECTION is set to be held in Droitwich Spa after a district councillor for the town’s south-west ward resigned.

The Wychavon District Council election will take place on October 1 to replace councilllor Yuleen Jewell.

Nominations to stand in the election must be received by noon on Friday, September 4, and the relevant forms can be obtained from the electoral services team at Wychavon District Council or are available on-line at www.wychavon.gov.uk/elections.

Voters will shortly receive poll cards, which will set out how they vote and if they vote at a polling station, which station they must attend. The polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm.

Anyone who will be unable to attend the polling station has until 5pm on September 16 to apply for a postal vote. This application must be made in writing and voters are urged to contact the elections team on 01386 565522 immediately for a form, or go to the website to download and print off a form.

Applications to vote by proxy - where, in certain circumstances you can appoint someone to go along and vote on your behalf - must be made by 5pm on September 23.

The council is reminding residents in the Droitwich south-west ward that the annual canvass is also taking place at the moment. This will mean that they will have received an additional form for the new electoral register, which will be published in December this year.

Amanda de Warr, deputy returning officer at Wychavon District Council, said: "This by-election will run on the current electoral register, not the new one we are canvassing for. If residents don't receive a poll card and think they may not be on the register and want to make sure they can vote in this by-election, they must make a separate application to register by 5pm on Wednesday, September 16.”

Forms are available on line at www.wychavon.gov.uk/elections or call on 01386 565162."