A DRUNK son who rained punches on his mother after she refused to give him his medication has been jailed by magistrates.

Jason Turton pinned his mother to a chair and punched her repeatedly after she had told him he could not take his medication for depression and schizophrenia as they would react badly with the alcohol.

Turton, of Hollymount Road, Tolladine, had been out drinking on Monday, August 24, from about 10.15am but when he got back at about 6pm the incident happened.

Matt Dodson, prosecuting, said the 23-year-old began shouting for his tablets before pinning her down in a seat and punched her in the face, demanding to know where the medication was hidden. When she managed to get away, she escaped to a neighbour’s house, and police arrived to find her face covered in blood.

In interview, Mr Dodson said Turton realised his mother had been trying to “look after his best interests” and his reaction had been very wrong.

Turton admitted the charge of actual bodily harm when he appeared before city magistrates.

In mitigation, Nick Roberts said Turton was sorry and upset at what had happened.

“He has realised the relationship between mother and son has broken down and that would be something he would have to come to terms with and deal with in due course,” he added.

Mr Roberts said Turton did have an issue with depression and was on medication for it, and mixing it with alcohol had a bad effect.

Chairman of the magistrates Keith Stokes-Smith said: “It was an extremely vicious attack,” and said he had “breached the trust” with his mother when she had genuinely been trying to help him.

He was sentenced to 26 weeks in custody.

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