A SELF-styled healer is at the centre of a TV investigation into rogue traders over claims he can “cure cancer with his bare hands”.

Adrian Pengelly is to feature on Anne Robinson’s BBC Watchdog programme at 8pm tonight during which he is called a “dangerous man”.

But Mr Pengelly, aged 43, who heals people at Salwarpe, near Droitwich, and in Bromyard, says he has never claimed he can cure cancer but that some people he has treated tell him he has “healed” them.

Mr Pengelly said he was secretly filmed at Bromyard and then confronted by presenter Matt Allwright at Salwarpe Village Hall when he was surrounded by 35 supporters.

Mr Pengelly, who also treats horses, dogs and cats, describes himself as a “renowned visionary healer, energy worker, teacher and psychic”.

Mr Pengelly, who lives in Leominster and Bromyard, said: “The BBC accused me of being a dangerous man. They said I stopped people having chemotherapy. I asked ‘who’s saying that?’ but they told me ‘they’re all dead!’ I don’t say ‘yes I can cure cancer’. I can help the healing process. The body heals itself – I just make it happen. Dozens of people have come to me with cancer and they believe that I have healed their cancer. I am not allowed to say ‘cured’.

“The BBC could not have been more aggressive. They tried to rile me and get me upset but I just looked Matt Allwright in the eye and told the truth. I stayed calm because I knew I was in the right.”

Mr Pengelly, who refuses to watch the show tonight and is in touch with solicitors over the allegations, said he understands the show also suggested he said that cancer patients should not have chemotherapy, which he denies. He said: “Chemotherapy doesn’t help everyone but I don’t tell people what to do and if they choose to have chemotherapy, I would support them.”

Mr Pengelly says he has treated at least 20,000 people from the Worcestershire area over the last 17 years.

He sees up to 120 people a week, some from as far away as Australia but the vast majority from Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

He says he helps them overcome a wide range of ailments, including asthma, eczema, back pain, food intolerance, skin problems and depression.

The BBC was unable to comment by the time your Worcester News went to press.