A WOMAN was left shaken, not stirred, after Tesco staff refused to sell her a set of teaspoons because she didn’t have any ID.

The storm in a coffee cup started when Emma Sheppard, from Hazel Avenue, Evesham, was refused the offending items by staff at the local supermarket because she couldn’t prove she was over 18. She said: “In this crazy world we live in, you have to be over 18 to buy teaspoons it seems.

“I’m 21, I would have understood the need to ID me if it was alcohol, but it wasn’t – it was teaspoons.

“Spoons I need to stir my cup of coffee in the morning.

“I didn’t have my ID on me as I was only doing my weekly food shop and was not buying any alcohol. We couldn’t get the spoons in the end, and I rather angrily threw my shopping in the trolley, breaking my eggs.

“I felt like saying ‘excuse me while I go on a mad rampage around Evesham with teaspoons’.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Some utensils, such as knifes, will carry a ‘Think 25’ alert when scanned through the checkout. There is an element of common sense involved and this was a mistake, for which we are sorry.”