THE last place you expect to meet a member of an elite crime-fighting unit wanted by the US government is in a Worcester pub – but that is exactly where one was.

Lee Parker, aged 29, was having a pint with friends in the Marwood, in the Tything, when bar staff told him legend of 1980s TV series The A-Team Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck was having a drink in the front room.

“I used to watch him on television as a kid,” said Mr Parker. It was absolutely awesome that he was in the pub. I just couldn’t believe it.”

Mr Parker took his chance and went over to have a chat and a picture with a childhood hero, actor Dirk Benedict.

“I had a very quick drink with him and went back to my party,” said Mr Parker.

“I think he was drinking rather expensive brandy.”

Benedict, 65, is currently rehearsing at the Swan Theatre for an upcoming tour of Prescription: Murder with the Malvern-based Middle Ground Theatre Company.

Tracey Tyrls, 40, from the Marwood, said: “It’s not every day you have a member of The A-Team in your pub.

“He was positively charming and didn’t mind being pestered.

“He came across as very intelligent.”

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