A CONTROVERSIAL healer who previously said he had “nothing to hide” pleaded guilty to three charges under the Cancer Act, when he appeared before Hereford Magistrates today.

Adrian Pengelly, of Nordan Hall, Nordan, Leominster, claimed on his website to heal sick humans and animals by sending healing energy through his hands into a patient’s body, either hands-on or using distance healing.

He previously said that he does not claim to heal cancer, only to help the healing process.

But the Cancer Act 1939 makes it an offence to advertise an offer to treat anyone for cancer, prescribe any remedy or give advice in connection with its treatment.

Before the trial, Pengelly claimed to have almost 14,000 people on his waiting list. The people he treats have a wide range of conditions including migraines and depression.

Because of the potential harm to vulnerable members of the public, Pengelly was fined a total of £600, ordered to pay £2,000 in court costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Speaking after the hearing, Mike Pigrem, Herefordshire Council’s acting head of environmental heath and trading standards, said: "There’s no medical evidence to suggest that this type of healing works and I would not advise people to use it as a first port of call but seek medical advice from their GP.

"Regulations exist around such healing enterprises and these are aimed at protecting society's most vulnerable people from claims that cannot be medically substantiated.

"Cancer diagnosis can be a difficult thing to deal with and treat but advances in modern medicine are opening up new, safe treatments and I would encourage people to use these.”