WORCESTER’S world record rowers are already looking towards their next challenge.

The University of Worcester’s rowing team now holds three world records - men's and the women's small team longest continual row world records, and the women's small team million metre - and are currently hold the second most records in the sport only to Dartmouth College in America, who hold six.

“We will look over time to reel them back in and establish the University of Worcester as a leading rowing programme on the world stage,” said organiser John Maxwell.

“For now however, we are content to be delighted by the achievement of the last two weeks.”

The men’s team only finished rowing yesterday at 9.10am, having added an entire 24 hours and a staggering 600km to the world record.

The record now stands at 3,610km in 264 hours.

Tom Trout, who rowed the final leg, said "Although it has been tough, and each of us has suffered through the tiredness and aches and pains, it has been an amazing experience. We have bonded so well as a team and a club, and come to rely on each other without thinking, but we also feel like we've bonded with the city and the people, and that is one of the real highlights of doing this."