HOT on the fins of Finding Nemo is computer-generated underwater children's comedy, Shark Tale.

The story centres on a smooth-talking fish named Oscar (Will Smith) who is constantly in a scrape.

A series of events leaves Oscar sitting next to a dead shark, appearing as if he'd killed it.

Oscar becomes instantly famous for his apparent courage and the fame goes straight to his head. The exposure of his lie is, predictably, uncovered as the film progresses.

Like every other computer-generated film, Shark Tale sports a star-studded "cast" against which the story line somehow pales into insignificance.

The decision to mould the computer-generated characters to the actors who voice them is perhaps the most striking but distracting aspect of the film.

Vegetarian shark Lenny, voiced by Robert De Niro, sports his trademark mole and Lola's plump lips and sultry manner are unmistakably Angelina Jolie.

Shark Tale's humour is contingent on the time in which it's being released and it is doubtful if younger viewers would appreciate the celebrity-obsessed culture at the centre of the film.

Shark Tale is far too preoccupied with appealing to parents of the children at which a 'U'-rated animation should surely be aiming.

Shark Tale is not a classic and has nothing new to tell us in the world of animated films. Stick to Finding Nemo.