As Chairman of Charity Crescent Residents Association (CHACRA), may I take this opportunity to voice wholehearted support for Councillor Roma Kirke in her efforts to draw attention to the litter problem.

As an Association, we are constantly fighting the litter battle, and clearing up after the mindless people who have little regard for their own, and their neighbours' surroundings. As Councillor Kirke says, the offenders are our own friends, children and neighbours. Only education and awareness can improve the situation. The impact on our local environment of paper, cans, and cartons being wilfully discarded, needs to be taught in the school and the home.

It is up to everyone to set the example.

In this respect, fast food outlets could do a lot more to discourage the litter lout, raise awareness of the problem, and commit resources to assist with the clean-up.

Of course, an increase in litter bins sited in vulnerable areas would assist. It is such a pity therefore that local politics and red tape prevents Evesham Town from obtaining additional bins. The Town Council appear to be stuck in the mindset that it is not their role to supply litter bins, despite being offered a "free" bin by Wychavon for every one purchased by the Town. Wychavon in turn protest that they are no longer the primary source......but they will match any expenditure at Town level as an incentive ! And so the debate rages.

It is only due to the support given by Councillor John Smith to our Association, that we have been able to make some progress with the litter bin issue. So, whilst it is for all of us to play our part in maintaining litter free pavements and roads, and whilst we support Councillor Kirke's rhetoric, effective action from all our elected bodies is also needed and that means litter campaigns and litter bins in residential areas.

GERRY O' DONNELL, Chairman, Charity Crescent Residents Association, Evesham.