HARDLY any band can fill a venue like The Wulfrun without releasing a single record - but The Tears are not just any band.

Unquestionably, The Tears comprises one of the most eagerly awaited reunions in indie music, that of former Suede singer, Brett Anderson and the group's first guitarist, Bernard Butler.

Butler left after just two Suede albums in 1994 and now, more than a decade later, it seems like they are picking up where they left off, as if the two Britpop pioneers had never been away.

In fact, judging by the songs - sparky pop numbers with big choruses and bombastic ballads - it's not unreasonable to see The Tears as nothing less than Suede - Mark Two.

The first single Refugees, which came out on Monday, is Suede in all but name - lyrics about wide-eyed lovers caught in their own world and Butler's patented guitar heroics.

It is also very short and typical of The Tears' pop ethic. The Wolverhampton crowd instantly seized on the catchy hooks and explosive performance. Brett Anderson clearly has avoided the pitfalls of age and too much cash - which beset his Britpop peers - while Butler reaffirmed his status as one of Britain's finest rock guitarists.

Suede always inspired fan worship but the years leading up to their 2003 demise only traded on past glories and mediocre albums. The Tears promise to be glamorous rebirth. Go and see them. OE