PATSY Palmer proved there really is life after Bianca in EastEnders with a stunning display of acting and dancing as tap dance teacher Mavis.

Written by Richard Harris, Stepping Out is both funny and moving and, for a dance fan like myself, is also well choreographed.

Chrissie Furness as Mrs Fraser stole the show for laughs, especially when she tried to hand out the teas and got stuck in the stage spotlight.

Sara Weymouth shone as Vera, a rather prententious woman who seemed to take more interest in her dresses than her tap dancing.

Suzie Chard was larger-than-life as Sylvia while her friend Rose, played by Yvonne Newman, blossomed from a mediocre dancer into one of the stars of the show once she had sorted out her hair disaster.

Nicky Callaghan as Lynne was great as one of the best dancers and Norma Atallah played the role of Maxine, a Del Boy type selling everything from leotards to shirts, with panache.

But the most poignant performance came from Sarah Haynes as Andy, a woman who we eventually find out was being beaten by her husband.

After lots of flirting she ends up with the only man in the play - the quiet and unassuming Geoffrey - and they pair up as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers at the end.

Yvonne Edgell as Dorothy also deserves a mention for her touching performance as she finally beats her many fears. AG