THIS Gilbert and Sullivan masterpiece is performed far too rarely, so it was a pleasure to join in the madness and mayhem.

The curse of Ruddigore is that the baronet has to commit a crime a day or die in agony. Ruthven didn't want to inherit the problem, so is hiding as Robin, while his younger brother, Despard, took on the wicked mantle.

Foster brother Richard tells Despard that Robin is really Ruthven because he wants to marry the latter's girlfriend, Rose - then it gets complicated!

All the cast played their parts superbly, with Kimberley Kainey outstanding as Mad Margaret, who not only acted well, but has a wonderful singing voice. Another singer who impressed was Caroline Causier, as Rose Maybud.

Stealing scenes with great delight was Margaret Peters, as Zorah, one of the professional bridesmaids, who had us in hysterics.

Excellent acting and singing, and a superb orchestra, under the direction of Donald Hunt, gave us a truly great evening out. VJS