WHENEVER you see the magic name "Neil Simon" attached to a play, you know you are in for a treat, and the Nonentities' latest production is no exception.

The ever-reliable Athol M'Donald was outstanding as Barney, faithful husband for 23 years, who decides he should have at least one affair to brighten up his rather staid lifestyle.

Unfortunately, he is no good at picking women to have an affair with.

His first attempt at infidelity is with Elaine, but he is so nervous that, although she is willing, he completely blows it by talking about the menu in his fish restaurant and constantly sniffing his hands.

Next time he decides to try his luck with a much younger woman, but she turns out to be a pot-smoking headcase with a persecution complex, who lives with a Nazi lesbian.

In desperation he tries it on with his wife's best friend, who is receiving counselling for depression, and makes Barney feel utterly miserable.

The ladies all played their parts extremely well.

Lynn Ravenhill was exceptional as the oft sarcastic Elaine, Vilma Watson was also excellent in the role of the suicidal Jeanette, and Laurie Pollitt was good as the provocative young lady with a vivid imagination.

What a great night out.