WHAT better way for a troupe of talented teenagers to spend their summer holidays than rehearsing for and starring in, you guessed it, Summer Holiday.

While the youth of today are often derided for hanging around bus stops causing mayhem, this bunch of precocious performers was positively encouraged to hang around a traditional red London bus for this musical.

The Clearchannel Stage Experience was set up to give potential stars of the future a taste of real theatre and did just that with a wonderful production that oozed energy and enthusiasm.

Colin Green was a virtual Cliff Richard clone with his charming portrayal of Don, while opposite him Janine Mason was a confident and composed Barbara Winters.

Not quite stealing the show, but certainly sharing it was Holly Turton who brought wonderful wit to the role of Stella Winters which was matched by slapstick side-kick Joe Lycett as Jerry.

So slick and professional was this show that it would have earned rave reviews had it been put on by a cast of seasoned thespians after months of rehearsals.

The fact it was put together in just two weeks is an absolute credit to Clearchannel and the 100 or so kids who will surely be treading the boards for many years to come.