THE title of this Peter Quilter play perfectly sums up the evening's entertainment.

Maureen Lipman is simply superb as Florence Foster Jenkins, an American socialite who has delusions she is a great singer but really the audiences are turning up in their droves to laugh at her magnificently untuneful efforts.

Undeterred, Florence is helped by having a great bunch of friends around her.

William Oxborrow as the pianist Cosme McMoon plays a marvellous role, moving from complete shock at Florence's lack of talent to absolutely adoring her and all her eccentricities.

Josie Kidd plays Florence's faithful friend Dorothy and her precious poodle steals the show in several scenes.

Janie Booth plays the Spanish maid Maria with great aplomb and Barrie Bingham was splendid as Florence's lover St Clair.

Lipman's non-singing really was the highlight of the show and I have never laughed so much but ended up, like Cosme, really loving Florence to bits. AG