THE latest in the Classical Music's series of "Live and the Library" recitals featured the talented pianist Christopher Langdown, making his debut for the society, but who had played at Kidderminster Library on a previous occasion.

This engaging young man introduced every item but, as promised, did not talk for long, preferring to allow the music to speak for itself.

He gave a superb performance of the Deux Arabesques, by Debussy and then, keeping to the same composer, the Preludes (Book II). For these, Christopher explained that Debussy put the names of the individual preludes after each one, rather than before as is usual, as he felt this way the audience could better interpret the pieces for themselves.

He captured the many various moods, from the very slow Feulilles Mortes through the Latin rhythms of La Puerta del Vino, the rippling Bruyeres and a many faceted piece called General Lavine - eccentric, which was really swinging at times. Hommage a S Pickwick Esq PPMPC featured the strains of God Save The Queen in the bass, and this grandiose piece gave way to a much gentler Canope. The final prelude, Feux d'artifice, was played with great gusto. These preludes allowed Christopher to show his versatility, as he was equally at home in the softer sections or where volume was needed.

Ravel's Menuet Antique and Sonatine, were executed brilliantly, and a work which was new to many of the audience, myself included, Dramatic Fantasia by Bridge, which only came to light in the 1970s, was a revelation, full of emotion, and looked extremely difficult to play.

If we thought that by then we had seen the best of Christopher we were wrong - his performance of Scriabin etudes was breath-taking. Following such a difficult programme, he seemed to step up a gear for these pieces, the C-sharp minor etude played with such feeling, followed by six from series number eight, including the tuneful number five in E major, and the exciting number 12 in D sharp minor, which was really the epitome of this wonderful performance.

To everyone's delight, Christopher gave us an encore - much gentler than the preceding piece, as we drifted to the music of Erik Satie.

What a wonderful evening of music. Christopher would be welcome back any time.