THE Rose Theatre audience was taken back to the 1970s for a very entertaining production of Mike Leigh's popular play.

Abigail's Party featured a cast of five from the Nonentities, directed by Do Evans, and was set in the home of married couple Beverley and Laurence, who had invited their new neighbours Tony, played by Trevor Bailey and Angela played by Tricia Phillips, round for drinks.

Also joining them was Vilma Watson as Susan, whose 15-year-old daughter Abigail is having a party at home.

The friends soon became merry as they consumed more gin and tonics, barcardi and cokes and light ales, which had embarrassing side effects for one character.

In the second act the play became darker and the tension between the characters started to escalate until it reached a shocking and abrupt ending.

As I had never seen this play before and being a bit too young to remember Alison Steadman's performance in the BBC production, I was unsure what to expect but I found it very entertaining to watch the drama unfolding.

The cast members worked well together and their performance was well received by the audience.

Sinead Maffei was very convincing as Beverley who was trying to be a good host but ended up making her guests feel uncomfortable as she showed off her home.

Chris Clarke who played her over-worked husband, was also very believable and his facial expressions as his character was ordered about by his wife to fetch drinks, were brilliant and made a lot people laugh.

Their fellow cast members also played their parts well resulting in a very entertaining and impressive production.