THERE are plenty of laughs in the latest Nonentities production, Billy Liar, at the Rose Theatre.

It tells the story of Billy Fisher who cannot stop telling tales to make his life seem more interesting.

During the first two acts you learnt a lot about the tales he had to told to his family, friend, employer and girlfriends and the trouble they have got him into, particularly when the two girls he has got engaged to meet.

Chris Lewis was brilliant in the lead role and his performance was confident and very believable. The expressions on his face as he tried to think up even more far-fetched tales to cover up his lies in particular, were quite comical.

Robert Graham and Sandy Tudor played the parts of Billy's critical father Geoffrey and his fussy mother, Alice, very well and you ended up feeling quite sympathetic towards them by the end.

Billy's grandmother, Florence Boothroyd, who was played by Elaine Foster, was very funny.

Jennifer Knight, Marika Farr and Craig Rigsby were great as Billy's girlfriends, Barbara and Rita, and friend Arthur Crabtree, and helped to provide a lot of the comedy in the play.

In the final act, Billy has the opportunity to leave his family after all his lies are discovered. He has the opportunity to go to London with the girl he loves, Liz, played by Laurie Pollit, which leaves with a difficult decision to make.