OLD favourites, Tinkerbell, The Lost Boys and Captain Hook, were brought to life in Areley Kings Players' impressive production of Peter Pan.

The performers kept an audience of all ages entertained at the opening night of their annual pantomime.

Joanne Hayes played the title role well and, to everyone's delight, actually flew for a few seconds.

Jessica Keal, who showed she could sing, was Wendy Darling and Aidan Goundry and Abigail Branford were her brothers, John and Michael.

They travelled with Peter to Neverland, where they met the Lost Boys, Slightly (Adam Davis), Curly (Lucy Newman), Nibs (Julie Fossey), Tootles (Hettie Thorneycroft), First Twin (Ellen Shaw) and Second Twin (Connie Williams-Sharkey) and soon came into conflict with the pirates.

Jukes (Jo Fossey), Starkey (Reg Knott), Cookson (Dawn McHugh) Mullins (Pauline Baldwin) and Cecco (Sarah Bean) were very funny as Captain Hook's crew, particularly with their rendition of Queen's "I Want It All".

It had the audience clapping their hands while they booed at the scary Captain Hook played by Rob Fowler.

The crocodile, played by Steve Hayes, also got a lot of laughs, especially when he appeared from behind the curtain with a large knife and fork.

It was Paul Danby as a very ungraceful Tinkerbell, however, who stole the show and the fairy's romantic sub-plot with Smee the pirate, played by Max Davis, was very funny.

The rest of the cast, as well as the group's dancers, who, along with girls from Step by Step Dance Studio were clearly enjoying themselves, all performed well.

Unfortunately, the remaining performances have sold out but those of you with tickets are in for a treat. HL