MUSIC fans have been really spoiled at the Civic recently and the latest star name, Radiohead, really treated the audience to a stunning two-hour set.

What I really like about this band is the way they move effortlessly from hard rock tunes to tuneful ballads which really sweep the listener away into raptures of delight.

The songs have an almost haunting quality which is added to by the set with its weirdly shaped video screens blurring images of the band as they play.

I was very much reminded of a latter-day Sergeant Pepper when listening to many of the songs and, at other times, the rock numbers had an air of Pink Floyd.

Of course, the greatest hits OK, Computer, Karma Police and Iron Lung, were greeted most enthusiastically but the audience also really seemed to enjoy the sneak preview of some of the band's songs.

The band no longer has a record label but, from hearing these songs, I am sure this will soon be resolved and the much-anticipated eighth album will appear soon.

I, for one, can't wait.