Imagine the pleasure of floating, perfectly relaxed in a warm pool of natural salt water. No intrusions, no pressures, simply weightlessness and warmth.

The benefits of bathing in heated mineral water have been acknowledged since Roman times, as not only wonderfully relaxing but also a remarkable relief from muscular aches and pains, rheumatic stiffness, and general stress and tension - particularly appropriate for for today's hectic lifestyles.

Although it has since been rebuilt, Droitwich's Brine Bath in St Andrew's Road was originally erected by the Victorians, who enjoyed the waters so much they sometimes languished in them all day.

So I thought I would take a leaf out of their book and indulge myself.

Stepping into the pool, I felt a tingling sensation as the warm salt water enveloped me. Without warning my feet were whipped from beneath me and I began to float.

It was the most bizarre but relaxing feeling as I just lay floating in the pool, my head comfortably supported by a neck float.

The buoyancy provided by the salt content of the water, coupled with the 36C temperature, also has obvious benefits for those rehabilitating from injury or for post-operative patients.

One bather I spoke to swore that using the brine bath on a regular basis had helped her to regain the strength to walk again after two knee operations.

"It is so wonderfully relaxing and has really helped my healing process," she said.

But most bathers simply enjoy the tranquillity and sense of well being while floating in the waters.

Young and old were enjoying the experience, as bathers floated or sat relaxing, enjoying the refreshments and wearing supplied bathing robes while sitting on sun loungers at the side of the pool.

Group bookings, such as hen parties or birthday bashes, are also very popular at the baths.

Now I'm not one for lying in the bath - I hate that feeling when your fingers and toes go all wrinkly - but I lay in the brine bath for a good 40 minutes without that happening, watching the world go by through the large windows, and chatting to other bathers.

And after a superb prawn salad and glass of fresh orange while sitting in my robe I indulged in a fantastic full back massage.

The spa, which is owned by Droitwich Spa Hospital, offers all of the facilities of any top health spa, including body and facial treatments, a gym, sauna and specialist staff, such as physiotherapists.

"We offer something for everyone," said manager Russell Willis. "We not only treat out patients, helping with their recovery processes by using the brine bath or having massages, but we get lots of people just coming for pleasure and a bit of pampering.

"We are looking to extend the centre in the near future, which will include development of the pool."

The Droitwich Brine Bath is a unique experience and certainly one of the few remaining tourist attractions in the town.

"People need to remember that the town is still a spa town because of this unique facility," said the Mayor of Droitwich Coun Ann Taft.

"But the Lido is another one of the town's unique features that must be kept and we must do all we can to save it."

A parish poll is expected to be held in Droitwich on Thursday, April 28, to find out the strength of feeling in the town about the Lido.

n For more information about The Droitwich Spa Brine Bath complex, visit or call 01905 793446. All sessions must be booked in advance.