RELIEF is at hand for Wyre Forest residents plagued by junk mail and telephone cold calls.

Trading standards officers from Worcestershire County Council have issued a reminder that there are ways to reduce the nuisances.

For unwanted post, people can register with the Mailing Preference Service at or on 0845 703 4599.

Similarly, for unwanted phone calls, the Telephone Preference Service can be contacted at or 0845 070 0707.

Damian Cooper, the council's advice and education officer, said: "People are becoming increasingly disturbed by unwanted sales calls and junk mail.

"The majority of direct mail companies are responsible professionals who don't want to upset anyone or waste time sending marketing messages that are not welcome.

"It costs them money in valuable paper and postage, so registering to not receive unwanted calls and mail helps them get better results.

"However, while registering with these services will prevent the majority of promotional information you receive, it is worth remembering that some less scrupulous companies will still use your details.

"If you are happy to receive information from some companies but not others, you will need to contact those you don't wish to hear from directly."

More details are available at or by ringing trading standards on 01905 765373.