FOR a group that was supposed to be wiped out at midnight on Thursday, February 17, there were an awful lot of us around on Saturday.

I refer, of course, to the hunting ban which went off like a damp squib with thousands of people locally turning out to follow and support their local hunt.

I have to ask the question: Is hunting becoming the rallying point for many who are sick of this government's rhetoric with inaction?

Last Saturday, we ridiculed the law - 91 foxes were killed legally within 40 hours of the ban taking effect. All activities were within the law.

Hundreds of people who do not normally support hunting, but are sickened by the Government's persecution of decent people, turned out on Saturday morning to support.

Our defiance is not towards the law, but towards the inept Government who made it. They did not seek to enhance animal welfare, instead they sought to criminalise a sector of people whom they despise.

They sought to ban us but we are still here - stronger than ever. We have active court cases currently challenging this crazy law but not only that, we are preparing to unseat anti hunting MPs across our counties at the forthcoming General Election.

So, a message to Worcester MP Michael Foster - you might have had your day in Parliament, but now we'll have you replaced by someone capable of doing a proper job.


Peopleton, Pershore.