A PERSHORE grandfather who paid for child porn from an American website was branded as having "a dirty mind" by a judge.

John Huntley, the boss of an aerial erection firm, subscribed to Landslide Productions, whose owner was jailed for 1,335 years in 2001.

He pleaded guilty to incitement to distribute indecent child photographs midway through his trial at Worcester Crown Court last December.

Huntley, aged 64, of Three Springs Road, Pershore, was fined £5,000 with £1,450 court costs.

Six years ago he was convicted by magistrates of taking an indecent photograph of a naked child on a Welsh beach.

Judge Michael Mott told him on Monday: "There are many aspect of your life which are normal and praiseworthy - but you have a dirty mind."

The judge concluded that he was rightly convicted of the beach incident, although Huntley always disputed any misbehaviour because he was filming as a professional video-maker.

The judge said it was "not by coincidence" that he was photographing a child by the sea.

In the porn case, Huntley made a credit card payment for child porn and three more for adult porn in 1999, said prosecutor Martin Butterworth.

But when police raided his home they found a software package had deleted incriminating material from his computers.

His password to Landslide was retrieved. A magazine called "Lolita" was also found, mirroring the names of the porn websites.

Landslide, which made 89 per cent of their profits from child porn images, was fined seven million dollars and closed down.

Abigail Nixon, defending, said the father-of-three worked seven days a week running two businesses.

He filmed weddings and made videos promoting companies.

He accepted he had an interest in adult porn but was "loathed to accept" he had any interest in child porn.

Huntley had been married for 40 years, had two grandchildren and took part in family get-togethers every week.