PERSHORE residents' appeal for the removal of parking restrictions along High Street has failed to win the support of town councillors.

Members voted against backing the proposed removal of a two-hour parking restriction between 106 to 126 High Street, at a meeting last Thursday.

The request came from residents wanting to park their cars outside their homes.

But councillors feared removing the restrictions would do little to ease parking problems.

Mayor Chris Parsons said: "We have to have some areas of town where traffic turns over to keep Pershore alive. I think if we have unlimited parking it (the spaces) would fill up anyway, so the residents won't gain anything."

Cllr Gaynor Amphlett added: "There are lots of areas around the town where residents can say parking is a problem.

"If we interfere with one area, other areas could expect the same."

But Cllr Val Wood disagreed: "I have lived on that road myself and seen this problem. I think we should give consideration to residents and the ever-increasing shortage of car parking in the town. We should support this request then it is up to Wychavon District Council to grant it. We don't have the final say."

Members decided not to support the residents' request.