MEMBERS voted in favour of reducing the County Executive to 12 members, and approved the committee's recommendation of candidates for the National Executive.

Members also voted on the Institute Bursary, agreeing that any member who had been awarded the Bursary should be permanently excluded from any further award.

Reports were given on the Worcestershire Federation vsiit to Denman College, the Monday Night Group's Pantomime, Areley Kings and Lickhill WI's quiz, the Christmas dinner at the Hundred House and the Village Hall Committee.

The speaker was Jacqui Worrall on homeopathy; its history, the theory and some of the substances used.

Councillor Vi Higgs spoke to the Stourport Fair Trade Group and how to become committed to Fair Trade as a WI.

The next meeting will be at the Village Hall on March 14 at 7.30pm when the speaker wil be Chris Cooke on corn dollies and strawcraft.