A 26-PAGE questionnaire is set to be distributed to every household in Honeybourne to find out what people want in the village.

It started some months ago when Angela Herbert attended a parish council meeting and heard about an action plan initiative. "With Cathy Dunham, we felt this was a very good idea. We formed a committee which began consulting the parish at an open weekend in the village hall in November," she said.

"Now we want to encourage the whole community to complete the questionnaire and return it for evaluation."

Concurrently, Youth Worcs Rural has been visiting weekly to meet a group of youngsters aged 11 to 17 working towards preparing their own presentation to the parish council on how they feel about their village.

The youngsters have been involved in a project called Breakfast in Paris, having recently returned from a fact-finding trip to the French capital to compare facilities in a large city to those in rural area.

Mrs Herbert, chairman of Honeybourne community plan committee and secretary of Honeybourne Youth Club and village co-ordinator Youth Worcs Rural and Breakfast in Paris, said partly as a result of the meetings and with the help of Lin Judge, who previously ran a youth club, a youth club meets on Thursday evenings.

"All the equipment has been donated or loaned by those who run the club," she said, "and it would be great if we could give them some recognition for their kindness. Rather than wait for start-up funds to come through from the county council, some of the committee members have paid for insurance, equipment and sweets for the tuck shop from their own pockets because they felt very strongly that the youth needed something urgently."

Trips are being organised for the Easter holidays with the possibility of a disco.

Mrs Herbert has set up a website at www.honeybourneparishplan.co.uk to keep people informed.