INVESTIGATIONS are still ongoing into the suspected arson attack that destroyed more than 2,000 straw bales in an Evesham field.

The incident happened in Red Lane, Hampton on Saturday, February 12. The fire was thought to have started at around 5.30pm and took three days to burn out.

Beat manager, Tom Iddon said: "We are still treating this incident as arson. There is very little chance it could be spontaneous combustion at this time of the year."

Two Vale farmers are disputing the tenancy of the field in Red Lane where the blaze occurred.

Last week, the owner of the straw, Joe Furness from Saintbury claimed he owned the tenancy, but farmer Paul Longford from Hinton said he leased the land with his father Roger from the Rudge Estate since last September.

Now the farmers are locked in a battle over who foots the bill to clear the tonnes of ash left after the fire.

Anyone who has information concerning the blaze is urged to contact the police on 08457444888.