A MAN who carried out an £800 raid on an isolated social club near Evesham has been jailed for four and half years at Worcester Crown Court.

Alan Beamish took part in "an orgy of destruction" at the Badsey premises, smashing open slot machines with an accomplice, said Michael Aspinall, prosecuting.

Beamish was also the getaway driver for a robbery on a store in Redditch when the manager was tied up and a £4,000 haul was stolen.

But he crashed the car into a brook and arrived home soaked to the knees - where police were waiting.

Beamish, aged 50, of Greystone Close, Redditch, was quickly arrested because he had used his girlfriend's car.

He admitted burglary and robbery and was told by Judge Frank Chapman: "You're not very good at it. You're getting too old to do it and serve it."

The defendant also asked for seven burglaries of commercial premises to be taken into consideration. He had a record for 42 offences, 16 of which were break-ins.

The Badsey break-in occurred on September 20 last year in the early hours.

A four foot long window was smashed to gain entry. Machines were looted for cash and shutters around the bar opened to grab alcohol.

Mr Aspinall said the raiders took cash totalling £600, cigarettes worth £200 and drink worth £30.

But bungling Beamish left his blood at the scene. He was arrested in November when the blood matched his DNA profile.

Beamish was also recruited to be the getaway driver after a drink and drugs session left him in a befuddled state.

His two accomplices raided T and M Retail Store in Matchborough Centre, Redditch, but were never found.

Tim Sapwell, defending, said Beamish was making a genuine effort to wipe the slate clean. He was studying for his GCSEs while locked up.

He had refused to name accomplices because he feared reprisals against his family.