EVESHAM is to get its first club for cross dressers.

The group will meet once a month in the town and will be open to men and women.

The man behind the group Davina said it is estimated that 50 per cent of the population, both men and women, had cross- dressed at some stage in their life.

"There is a demand for such a such a group in the town from both men and women," said Davina.

"I have been dressing in women and girl's clothes since I was six. There are many people in Evesham who are transgender, transsexual or transvestites. They are ordinary people doing everyday jobs.

"A lot of problems in society are caused because people feel pressurised because they are afraid to display their real selves."

Katie Gilbert, manager of the sex shop that opened in Evesham last December, said she was convinced that there was a demand for such a group and predicted that it would be well received in the town. "Since we opened we have found residents in Evesham very tolerant and content to let other people get on with their own lives provided they don't interfere with them. There has not been a single complaint since we opened, " she said.