WYRE Forest missed the chance to close the gap on Kidderm-inster and District League Saturday Premier pacesetters Cradley Heath and Kinver when they could only manage a 2-2 draw at home to struggling Parkdale Rovers.

Saturday results

Premier: Cookley Social 1, Quarry Bank 5; Kings Heath Old Boys 0, Cradley Heath 2; Norton Celtic 0, Areley Kings 2; Top Bell 0, Brintons 4; Two Gates 6, Furnace Sports 1; Wyre Forest 2, Parkdale Rovers 2.

Division One: Albron 5, Wilden 0; Clubhouse Sports 2, KS Athletic 0; Dudley Wood Athletic 1, Rising Sun 0; Gemini 1, Wollescote Celtic 0; Parkdale Rovers Reserves 1, Clee Hill United 1; Clee Hill United 0, Parkdale Rovers Reserves 2; Quarry Bank Rangers 8, Tenbury United 1; Wollaston Waterloo 0, Burlish Olympic 1.

Dudley Metro Cup Semi-finals: George & Dragon Colts 1, Kinver 0; Wordsley A 5, Birch Coppice 1

Sunday Results

Premier: Brintons 3, Brintons Chainwire 0; Grange Athletic 2, Dudley Sports 0; Hill Tavern Post, Brintons CI Social -; Kingswinford 5, Hayley Green Harriers 0; Lyttelton 0, Grange United 0; Oakham United 5, Wordsley A 1.

Division One: Alveley Social 0, Stourport 2; Areley Kings 3, Longlands 1; Corngreaves Grove 2, Norton Sports 2; Moot Meet v Rock Sports - postponed; Wilden Village v Swindon Cricket - postponed; Wolverley Athletic 1, Tenth Lock Harriers 2.

Division Two: Bewdley Town 1, Hoobrook Crown 0; Chaddesley Corbett 0, Arley 0; Cookley v Briars Phoenix - postponed; Enville Leopard 2, Blackheath Malt Shovel 4; Gornal A 2, Summerhouse 0.

Division Three: Bird in hand 3, Old Bulls Head 4; Blakedown 1, Foley Celtic 7; Burlish Olympic 4, Station Inn 1; Harriers Trust 5, Worths Breakwells 1; Norton Greyhound v Lovato Electric - postponed; New Olympic v Wilden Village Reserves - postponed.

Division Four: Black Country Taverns 2, Causeway 1; Delph Bell 4, Dock & Iron 5; St Johns Tigers SEN 3, Prince Albert 4.

Division Five: Areley Kings Reserves 1, Hearts 4; SR v Loom & Shuttle - postponed.

Division Six: Abberley Vale 11, Queens Head Sports & Social 1; Ashwood Honved 3, Bewdley Bailiffs 0; Broadway Athletic 0, Corngreaves Grove Reserves 4; Olympic Cheshire 6, Mostyn Rangers 1; White Horse 4, Coopers Arms 5; Wrens Nest 2, Franche Village Club 2.

League Minor Cup Round Three: Aquaforce 5, Plough Dukes 4; Black Country Old Boys 2, Harriers Arms 1; Broadwaters Inn 0, Broadway United 0; Fiddlers Arms v Gilt Edge - postponed; Seven Starts 4, Hamilton Rangers 1; Stourbridge Glass Boys 2, Barley 3; WH Sports 5, Chawn Park Rangers 1.

League Fire Shield round two: Bromley 4, Corn Exchange 0; Cleobury Town v Woodside United -postponed; Crestwood Star 1, Gornal Bullshead 3; Gornal Five Ways 2, Jays 4; Gornal United v Bull Terrier Gators - postponed; Mostyn Rangers 3, Wollescote Villa 2.

Woman's League: Bredon 1, Droitwich Spa 5; Evesham United 0, Headless Cross 2; Kidderminster Harriers 5, Malvern 1; Phoenix Hereford 1, Worcester City 2.

Saturday fixtures

Premier: Areley Kings v Brintons, Cradley Heath v Quarry Bank, Furnace Sports v Wyre Forest, George and Dragon Colts v Kinver, Norton Celtic v Kings Heath Old Boys, Parkdale Rovers v Cookley Social, Two Gates v Top Bell.

Division One: Burlish Olympics v Libertys Sports, Clee Hill United v Quarry Bank Rangers, KS Athletic v Wollaston Waterloo, Rising Sun v Clubhouse Sports, Tenbury United v Parkdale Rovers Reserves, Wilden v Gemini, Wollescote Celtic v Dudley Wood Athletic.

Kidderminster Hospital Cup Semi-Final: Birch Coppice v Albron.

Sunday Fixtures

Premier: Bromley v Brintons Chainwire, Hill Tavern v Kingswinford, Hayley Green Harriers v Dudley Sports, Woodside United v Lyttelton, Wordsley A v Wollescote Villa.

Division One: Longlands v Moot Meet, Rock Sports v Areley Kings, Stourport v Norton Sports, Swindon Cricket v Alveley Social, Tenth Lock Harriers v Wilden Village, Wolverley Athletic v Corngreaves Grove.

Division Two: Arley v Cookley, Bewdley Town v Briars Phoenix, Blackheath Malt Shovel v Gornal A, Chaddesley Corbett v Crestwoods Star, Cleobury Town v Enville Leopard, Four Furnaces v Summerhouse, Jays v Hoobrook Crown.

Division Three: Blakedown v Gornal United, Lovato Electric v Foley Celtic, Old Bulls Head v Burlish Olympic, Station Inn v New Olympic, Wilden Village Reserves v Gornal Five Ways, Norton Greyhound v Worths Breakwells.

Division Four: Causeway v St Johns Tigers SEN, Chawn Park Rangers v Seven Stars, Dock & Iron v Stourbridge Glass Boys, Gilt Edge v Delph Bell, Hamilton Rangers v Wollaston Celtic

Division Five: Harriers Arms v Barley, Hearts v SR, Plough Dukes v Broadwaters Inn, WH Sports v Areley Kings Reserves.

Division Six: Bewdley Bailiffs v Corngreaves Grove Reserves, Black Country Old Boys v Coopers Arms, Broadway United v Queens Head Sports & Social, Franche Village Club v Abberley Vale, Mostyn Rangers Reserves v White Horse, Olympic Cheshire v Broadway Athletic.

League Fire Shield Round Three: Brintons CI Social v Wrens Nest.

League Minor Cup Round Three: Ocean Designs Ranger v Corn Exchange.

Midland Cup Semi Final: Sutton General v Grange Athletic.

Worcester FA Premier Cup Semi Final: Brintons v Grange United.

Worcester FA Junior Cup Semi Final: Headless Cross V Mostyn Ranger.

Worcester FA Minor Cup Semi Final: Bredon v Harriers Trust.

Woman's League: Burlish Olympic v Kidderminster Harriers, Droitwich Spa v Evesham United, Worcester Athletic v Phoenix Hereford.

Wyvern Associates League Cup (League Basis): Malvern v Worcester City.