ARTISTIC youngsters from the Vale of Evesham could clean up in a competition organised by Wychavon District Council aimed to make a difference in Poop Scoop Week.

Pupils aged between five and 16 are being asked to design a poster which will urge dog owners to pick up after their pets have foul in public places. Winning posters will be displayed during Poop Scoop Week from June 14 to 20 and there will be prizes for the winners.

Wychavon dog warden Pip Singleton said: "Dog mess not only looks and smells disgusting, especially when you tread in it, but it can also prove fatal as it contains nasty bacteria and parasites. We want to make sure dog owners, who let their pets foul places where children play, clean up the mess."

She pointed out: "By getting youngsters involved we are educating them and at the same time raising awareness about the issues to residents through the poster campaign."

Free poop bags are available from community contact centres and there are lots of dog poop bins around too.

Schools will be targeted from next month and the council is seeking prizes from local companies.

"We want to make this a district effort to make it an even better and safer place to work, rest and play," Ms Singleton said. "I hope ass many youngsters, groups and organisations as possible join in to make Wychavon poop-free."

Anyone wanting to get involved can call the environmental team on 01386 565252.