SHOPS around the Vale have been pulling products off the shelves since news broke about an illegal food dye entering the food chain.

They were informed last week that Sudan 1, linked to cancer, was present in a whole host of products including Crosse and Blackwell's Worcester Sauce, processed foods and some crisps.

The red dye, commonly used to colour solvents, shoe and floor polishes, was contained in a chilli power which was used to make the sauce then added to a variety of other foodstuffs.

Now all products identified by the Food Standards Agency as contaminated, is being dumped.

Spokesman for Tesco, David Yormesor said: "We are co-operating fully with the Food Standards Agency and as a precaution we have removed all affected products from our shelves.

Any customers who are concerned can return products to us for a full refund."

Adrian Barradell for Co-op stores said: "All our stores are aware of the products to be withdrawn by the FSA and we are also making our customers aware of this. We are inviting them to bring back any affected products they have at home for a full refund."

Spokesman for Morrisons, Ben Howes said: "We have withdrawn the products from sale but customers who have them at home should bring them back to the store for a full refund."

Staff at Worcestershire Trading Standards said that they had been if forming the county's consumers about the presence of Sudan 1 in food for the last 18 months. The dye, they said, had been linked to cancer but only if consumed over a long period of time in large quantities.

Phil Whitehouse, divisional manager, said: "Previous instances we have reported have often related to more specialist products found in a small number of retail outlets.

"It is the scale of the number of foods contaminated in this case that has led to the high profile it has received."

For a full list of contaminated products and more details visit

The internationally-known firm based in Worcester, Lea & Perrins issued a statement earlier this week making clear that its product - Worcestershire Sauce - was in no way involved in the food scare.