100 Years Ago

February 25, 1905

The little contretemps which occurred at the Pershore Board of Guardians on Tuesday will perhaps have the effect of making some of the members of that and other similar bodies more attentive for the future. A motion for increasing the salaries of two of the officers was declared carried by the chairman, but his decision was challenged by two members who said he had not given those who opposed the proposal a chance of voting. It is not likely that so experienced a public man as General Davies would have been guilty of this, and his explanation that there was so much talking going on that the two members did not hear him is most likely to be correct.

75 Years Ago

February 22, 1930

The proposal of Gloucestershire County Council in its application to the Ministry of Health for the alteration of county boundaries to transfer Sedgeberrow from Worcestershire to Glouc-estershire was strongly opposed at a parish meeting held in Sedgeberrow School on Wednesday evening. A proposal by Mr R. S. Warmington, "that this parish meeting of Sedgeberrow is emphatically opposed to the proposal of Gloucestershire County Council that the parish should be transferred from Worcestershire to Gloucestershire and instructs the parish council to lodge an objection in the strongest possible terms," was carried unanimously.

50 Years Ago

February 26, 1955

Efforts are being made to recover articles removed without authority from the site of a Saxon burial ground at the Fish Hill Quarry, Broadway. Among the articles known to be missing are a sword, a dagger and certain ornaments. The burial ground first came to light last autumn when a mechanical excavator, removing top soil to a depth of three feet, was observed to have disturbed a human skeleton. Mr William Harris, a member of the firm working on the quarry, disclosed last week that he was concerned as to what had happened to subsequent finds on the site, and said that the police had been making inquiries.

25 Years Ago

February 28. 1980

Plum growers were urged this week to move with the times and improve their production and marketing methods. Speaking at the Evesham plum conference on Tuesday. Mr T. J. M. Bott, managing director of Treelinks, Ledbury, said: "I think plum growers are doing a diabolical job, it really is a disgrace. They have no right to complain because they have brought it on themselves. It is farcical. The marketing is completely chaotic and unless this is improved you will have no hope of surviving." Plum growers had a reputation for being individualistic, but it was time for them to pull together and present their fruit in an attractive way.