WHAT sort of world and what sort of government is it which says foxhunting is cruel and should be banned but animal testing is fine and companies can go on making millions out of animal testing.

At a rough guess I would say about 90 per cent of consumers who are happy to say that foxhunting is cruel, actively line the pockets of people who barbarically and systematically, torture to death millions of animals purely for profit.

Just look at the supermarket shelves. The number of products on the shelves from our big-name companies who animal test for profit speak for themselves.

If the consumer did not support them then the supermarket shelves would look very different.

Are these people who go out and buy these products week after week hypocrites or just ignorant?

Is it really OK to rub suntan oil on a white mouse, wrap it in tin foil and bake it under a sun lamp until crisp?

Testing is a barbaric means of killing animals just so someone can spend pounds trying to retain youthful looks or maybe have their floor smell nice after it has been washed it? It appears the majority of our population thinks so!

Leave country life and families alone. It is not their youth who are terrorising people in their own homes and streets or being hunted by the police to serve asbos on them. People should take a look in their kitchen cupboards and take the trouble to go and buy cruelty free products. Then, and only then, do they have any justification in sitting back and saying "Oh, but foxhunting is cruel."

How many people sat down on Christmas day and ate that factory farmed turkey, which had been debeaked, force fed, crammed in a shed and never shown the light of day? How many put on new cosmetics and washed up and cleaned the kitchen with those big name brands?

Can they really justify then complaining that foxhunting is cruel and should be banned?