HUNDREDS of people are coming out of a Worcester health surgery feeling sick - after finding their car has been clamped.

Despite several warning signs, dozens of drivers a day are being fined £95 for parking on private land by the Vicarage Court flats, near City Walls Road, in the city centre.

Most of the victims are patients at the nearby Spring Gardens Medical Practice and have complained bitterly to the Evening News that the clampers are targeting the sick and elderly.

But the clampers themselves say people are just too mean to pay for a parking space.

One resident said he watched in astonishment as 31 cars were clamped on one morning alone - with fines totalling £2,945.

"It isn't fair game - the clampers know they can make money from there," he said.

"The only way to stop so many people getting caught is to stop parking there."

A spokesman for clamping firm Midway Parks said they put several warning signs up.

"When we point out the notices, people say they are suffering from asthma or are ill and need to be close to the centre," said a spokesman for Midway Parks.

"When we point out that there is a multi-storey car park, and a pay-and-display closer to the centre, they say we are being rude.

"The fact is, we are paid to do a job, and the residents of Vicarage Court are actually very grateful to us."

One person who was clamped did not feel very grateful, however.

"They are targeting the sick and elderly and are lying in wait for these people," said the man, who wished to remain anonymous.

"Some people are only parked there for a few minutes, and they are caught."

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