IT would have been easy for the narrow boat owners faced with eviction from Diglis Basin to kick up a fuss.

The basin must be emptied - and stay empty - for up to a year during building work.

As a result, about 50 boats which have been moored in the basin - some for many years - must find new places to stay.

Let's not forget, for many of these people, this is their home.

However, boating group Diglis Forum's secretary, Paul Hooper, has greeted the news with remarkable equanimity.

"It won't be as controversial as it sounds," he said. "British Waterways will find moorings for all the boaters."

Given such a co-operative attitude, let's hope this is the case - and the work proceeds successfully, so the boaters can return to their moorings in the near future.

It is the presence of the boats that gives much needed life and colour to the basin.

Their removal is necessary for remedial work to be carried out, to ensure the forthcoming Diglis Basin redevelopment is able to proceed.

More than 400 homes are being created around the historic moorings with contractors likely to start in the spring.

We hope the redevelopment will be a success and kick-starts the riverside renaissance Worcester sorely needs.

But anyone who has visited dockside developments in other cities will tell you how soulless they can be, without the presence of any boats.