A MOTORIST is furious after a golf ball was hit into her car as she drove down a public road which runs through Wyre Forest Golf Centre.

Despite her stopping her car the three golfers believed to be the culprits ignored the calls of the driver, Julie Hand, whose Ford Focus had been dented.

The Wilden Top resident drove to the clubhouse to report the incident but said she was told the club was not responsible.

Ms Hand said she appalled there were no catch nets to protect motorists and pedestrians using Kingsway from misdirected golf balls.

"If I had been on a push bike or walking my dog I would have been seriously injured or dead," she said.

"If the ball had hit my car in a different place and it had caused me to swerve and hit a tree or another car, whose responsibility would it have been then?

Ms Hand said a rear panel on her car had been damaged and she wanted to highlight the incident to warn other people about the risks of using the road.

Wyre Forest Golf Centre manager, Chris Botterill, said it was the first time in the club's 10-year history that such an incident had been brought to his notice and the club had not been required to install catch nets.

"There are strict council regulations that dictate where you can build tees and holes and we have gone to every length we can to make sure accidents do not happen," he said.

Mr Botterill added that he had done what he could to help Ms Hand and had asked her to describe the golfers, as accidents were the responsibility of players.

He added that there were notices up all over the clubhouse advertising insurance which included public liability but few golfers took it up.