A FOOTBRIDGE should be built over the Westlands roundabout to provide a safer route for pedestrians and cyclists travelling between the Westlands estate and Droitwich town centre, according to councillors.

Councillors on Droitwich Town Council are writing to the Highways Partnership Unit putting forward their ideas following a visit to the roundabout.

After spending time speaking to residents, including a mother trying to cross the busy A38 at the roundabout, councillors said something needed to be done soon.

"Can you put a cost on people's lives?" said the Mayor of Droitwich Coun Ann Taft. "We have to think of people's safety and the traffic is only going to increase."

Councillors decided that the best option would be a footbridge over the roundabout.

"It works very well in City Walls Road in Worcester," said Coun Taft. "This would be an ideal solution."

Initiatives to make travelling from Westlands to the town centre safer have been under consideration for many years, such as building a flyover, but cast aside.

Councillors also considered upgrading the existing subway but felt that people were too intimidated to use subways, regardless of its appearance.

Improvements have even been made to curb the speed of traffic on the Westlands roundabout, but it is still not safe for walkers.

Chairman of the town council's planning committee said that the bridge would also be "symbolic", bringing the people from Westlands into the town.