A man died unexpectedly after breathing in his stomach contents during an operation to repair a broken hip.

Sydney Branscomb, of Church Road, Ullenhall, died from aspirational pneumonia at the Alexandra Hospital on January 25.

Worcestershire coroner Victor Round told the court how 87-year-old Mr Branscomb, who was blind and had trouble walking, fell over his pet cat on January 23 and fractured his right hip.

He said during an operation the next day, Mr Branscomb started having breathing difficulties and despite staff using suction to remove the stomach fluid, died the next day.

The coroner said: "Stomach acid is very fierce stuff but Mr Branscomb's death was unexpected because he was recorded as having had nothing to eat since midnight the previous day."

But he told the court Mr Branscomb suffered from short-term memory loss, had heart disease and was in general poor health before he fell.

Mr Round recorded a verdict of death by misadventure.