A BATCHLEY man is desperate for either Redditch Council or Severn Trent Water to take responsibility for the state of his garden, which has been waterlogged for two years.

Homeowner Trevor Goode, of Foxlydiate Crescent, says his garden is constantly covered with water and sludge as there are no drains to channel it water. He says the water flows in from neighbouring Pine Trees Close.

Despite several phone calls to the council and to Severn Trent, Mr Goode still has no answers.

He said: "Our garden has not been dry since we've lived here, even in the summer.

"It looks dreadful, there's nowhere for this water to go so it just covers our lawn.

"I've complained to Severn Trent and they initially said it's a Redditch Council problem but the council blamed Severn Trent."

Mr Goode added: "I just don't know what to do anymore, I'm trying my best but getting nowhere."

The council said it was aware of the problem and was investigating.

A Severn Trent spokesman said: "We've looked at the situation and unfortunately it may be a land drainage problem which is the responsibility of the landowner.

"Severn Trent only has drains at the front of Mr Goode's property but none to the rear, which could be causing this.

"We do sympathise. It's not pleasant but it looks like something Mr Goode will have to pay for to have looked at himself."