STAFF from a Redditch residential home will be trekking along the Great Wall of China to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society.

Sue Parkinson and two colleagues from Bowood Mews in Batchley are already gearing up for the event in October but need to raise £2,400 each before they can take part.

Mrs Parkinson, who manages the home, said the charity was poignant because Bowood Mews was a dementia unit and all three fundraisers knew just how devastating Alzheimer's can be.

"This is a terrible condition which destroys people and their families," said Mrs Parkinson.

"We look after people in their fifties and we also have some in their nineties. Dementia is not something which picks a certain age group to target.

"It's so sad when someone can't remember something which happened to them five minutes ago and yet they can remember parts of their life from decades ago."

The trio will be given nine days to cover the 40-kilometre trek.

The home will be holding events to raise cash, including raffles and a fun night for staff and their families.

But they are also appealing for public donations.

Anyone who would like to help can call Mrs Parkinson on 60029.