A CORONER recorded a verdict of suicide after a Headless Cross teacher fell from a footbridge in Webheath.

Alison Clarke, of Mason Road, was found lying seriously injured on the Bromsgrove Highway at 7.45pm on Thursday, February 10. She later died of multiple chest injuries on arrival at the Alexandra Hospital.

Worcestershire coroner Victor Round told the court police officers found Mrs Clarke's car on Birchfield Road.

They also found some personal belongings and a set of stepladders.

He said 53-year-old Mrs Clarke could have used the stepladders to get over the railings of the bridge.

Mr Round said: "It sounds very much as if she had it all planned - she seemed to be in control of what she was doing."

The court heard that Mrs Clarke, a teacher, had a history of depression and had harmed herself previously.

Mr Round said she had visited her GP on February 4 and was diagnosed with a viral infection and depression and was prescribed further anti-depressants.

He added no note been found.