A FATHERS4JUSTICE campaigner and prospective parliamentary candidate for Redditch sparked a security scare when Tony Blair visited the Midlands last week.

John Ison, a spokesman for the controversial campaign group, led a group of 10 fathers up to Mr Blair's hotel door at the Malmaison Hotel in The Mailbox, Birmingham, last Tuesday night without being stopped.

The 35-year-old father of two said he was phoned with an anonymous tip-off that Mr Blair was staying at the hotel and decided to confront him.

Mr Ison said: "We all got in the lift and went straight up to Mr Blair's floor. We were on the floor for 15 minutes and eventually walked up to the bodyguards outside Mr Blair's door and had a very amicable conversation."

Mr Ison added: "It was surreal but also frightening to be able to get that close."