For those turned off by the sounds of country music, don't be put off by the title of singer/songwriter Josh Rouse's fifth album.

Nashville is the first offering I have heard from Rouse and it had a similar effect to hearing David Gray for the first time.

Rouse has a similar style and a voice to soothe. He may have been obsessed with 80s cult heroes The Smiths and The Cure as a youngster but his sound is more accessible, fine tuned over the intervening years.

Brought up in Nashville, it is inevitable that this latest edition to Rouse's portfolio should have an undercurrent of country sounds - a steel guitar accompanies many of the pieces.

But as the tracks glide by, that country influence takes more of a back seat with the latter half of the album bringing a mellow maelstrom to those lucky enough to take a listen.

Winter in the Hamptons is the first single taken from the album but this pales against the delightful Sad Eyes and Why Won't You Tell Me What.

Rouse has recently upped sticks and moved to the Spanish coast. What influence this will have on his music only time will tell but let's hope it will be as good as Nashville.