PEDESTRIANS who have to cross the A38 Westlands roundabout may find their journeys safer in the future if plans to create a crossing are given the green light.

Town councillors discussed plans to improve safety at the roundabout at the entrance to the estate on Monday night.

Members of the town council's planning committee had visited the site to see what could be done. Several ideas were discussed including rumble strips, better signage, a footbridge and measures to reduce the speed of cars on the approach to the roundabout.

Chairman of the planning committee Richard Morris (Con-Droitwich South East) said: "My preference is the footbridge because there is still a lot of people who have to walk around the roundabout but I appreciate that is probably the most costly solution."

Town mayor Ann Taft (Con-Droitwich South East) said: "I feel this is the only safe solution. Cars bomb along there. We should think of people's safety. The traffic is not going to get less there but more."

Cllr Don Lawley (Con-Droitwich South East) suggested the existing ramps could be used as a starting point for the footbridge.

"It was originally designed to have a flyover and it never happened but the two ramps are still there."

Cllr Morris expressed another benefit of the footbridge. He added: "I think there is also a symbolic element of trying to bring the Westlands estate closer to the town."

A letter recommending a footbridge and outlining the town council's reasons for thinking that is the best option will be sent to the Highways Partnership Unit.