HUNDREDS of hunt supporters turned out to mark the last legal Worcestershire Hunt in its traditional form.

Huntsmen and about 400 people met last Thursday at Park Hall, Bradley Green, before the Hunting Act came into force the following day.

Worcestershire Hunt spokesman, Bob Brearley, said: "It was sad we were not doing what we should in the proper manner."

However, the Worcestershire Hunt did meet again on Saturday, at Chaddesley Corbett point-to-point racecourse, to exercise the hounds in a show of solidarity and support for their way of life.

The event saw a massive turn out of nearly 1,000 supporters and around 150 people on horseback.

The Worcestershire Hunt is believed to have started around 1813, meaning it has been running for nearly 200 years.

"They were there to show support and show they are not going to be bullied," added Mr Brearley.

He said as far as he knew the hunt was totally legal and any hunting on the day had been carried out within the law.

Police also reported no instances of illegal hunting activity over the weekend in the West Mercia force area.

A police spokesman said: "Approximately 20 hunts met in the force area. We are not aware of any overt instances of illegal hunting activity or instances of disorder for us to report.

"This has allowed us to continue to address our normal policing priorities and serve the people of the West Mercia area without having to divert any significant resources to hunt meets."