REGARDING Mike Parkin's letter headlined "The traffic is to blame" (Evening News, Monday, February 14) I suggest Mr Parkin shifts his gun sight from the motorist, to the "development mad," in the Guildhall and County Hall, and opens fire on the politicians.

As I have written before, a million people a year come to our nation. They need homes.

Every home we build adds eight journeys a day to our traffic, so blame the politicians. They are causing the traffic.

For ammunition take the plans for 460 houses on the "Porcelain" site. Add the 400, or so, talked about for Diglis.

That's another 1,000 new homes in our city, and another 8,000 car journeys a day, on our roads. The politicians will say look at the "jobs."

What "jobs" will these developments bring that will enable those employed to buy the megabuck houses being planned?

The "jobs" are the usual mishmash of low-paid jobs, enabling more urban development on "employment land," so the "development mad," wrecking our city, can make more profits.

And won't such extensive urban development add another million pounds to council tax income?

The reality is those houses will, in the main, go to people migrating into our city from Birmingham, making Worcester's rush-hour traffic even worse.

Indeed such planned development will increase Worcester's rush-hour traffic by two-and-a-half-per cent! Worcester will also increase its carbon dioxide emissions by some two-and-a-half percent.

Has anyone ever heard of a politician moaning that housing development is responsible for carbon dioxide emissions?

No, it's always "the motorist" and "the car."

Moaning about carbon dioxide emissions from housing would send the housing goldrush crashing into the buffers of environmental logic.

Development makes fortunes, and adds to tax revenue for politicians. They don't care about the climatic catastrophe they are building for our children and grandchildren. They won't be here, and they can always force motorists on to non-existent buses.

N TAYLOR, Worcester.